Stratus Technologies Updates ztC Edge

Sept. 22, 2020
An upgrade of the ztC Edge Portfolio addresses deployment simplification, as well as security, manageability, and performance enhancements.

Stratus Technologies has updated its ztC Edge portfolio, which includes the ztC Edge 100i and ztC Edge 110i, with new enhancements said to deliver an improved and more efficient multi-site deployment and provisioning experience of the company’s edge computing platform.

The ztC Edge is a virtualized, zero-touch, which refers to the ability to configure the automatically without the need for manual intervention, automated edge computing platform designed to help organizations increase operational efficiency by delivering zero downtime at the edge.

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According to Stratus, the new security, manageability, and performance enhancements introduced in this update include:

·     Security: A new cloud-based file repository, called the Stratus Cloud, has been introduced to the ztC Edge 110i. The Stratus Cloud allows partners and customers to securely transmit, store, and retrieve ztC Edge system preferences templates, says the company. In addition, the Stratus Cloud automatically authenticates users and groups using the same credentials as their Stratus Customer Service Portal account, helping to save time.

·      Manageability: The simplified system backup and restoration enabled by the Stratus Cloud and local storage capabilities will help companies save time by automating certain processes to reduce user error, according to the company. Different templates can now be created and archived for different use cases, workloads, or locations, helping to make commissioning systems more efficient and accurate. For example, organizations can use these templates to provision single or multiple ztC Edge platforms from remote areas. The latest version of the ztC Edge is also Microsoft Azure certified, with integration capabilities embedded in the platform for a simpler systems management experience and faster time to value for customers, says Stratus.

·      Performance: The ztC Edge 110i comes with expanded 64 GB memory capacity to support a broader range of memory-intensive industrial workloads. ztC Edge 110i platforms are now Class I Division 2 certified, making them safer to deploy in hazardous locations.

In addition, the ztC Edge platforms supports common operations technology and information technology protocols, tools, and standards, such as Simple Network Management Protocol and OPC UA. Stratus says this makes the products easier to integrate into, and work with, existing environments.

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