Posital Fraba Exhibits Cube and Measuring Wheel Incremental Encoders

Sept. 29, 2021
The company’s incremental encoders provide accurate measurements for highly precise motion control applications.

Long a vital component in various motion control applications, rotary encoders are electro-mechanical devices that convert the angular position or motion of a motor or other rotary actuator’s shaft or axel into analog or digital output signals, allowing precise control of robotic joints, synchronization of conveyors, and more.

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Posital Fraba is showcasing two encoder products—its cube encoder and its measuring wheel encoder. Both are incremental, rather than absolute encoders, meaning that instead of merely measuring the current shaft position of a rotary actuator, they are able to provide real-time information about properties of its motion such as speed and distance. This quality makes incremental encoders ideal for scenarios that require precise measurement and control.

The cube encoder is a rotary encoder contained within a cube-shaped housing, which allows it to be installed easily without any special mounts or brackets. According to Posital Fraba, the cube encoders provide “high levels of accuracy and dynamic response in a rugged package that is tolerant of shock and vibration loading, dust, and moisture.” The device’s resolution, pulse direction, and output driver can also be set via software with no changes to mechanical components.

The measuring wheel encoder can be used to measure direct linear motion in place of a linear scale encoder. Because the measuring wheel encoder is not limited by length, it can allow for indefinite measurement in one direction without the need to return in the other direction. According to Posital Fraba, this it ideal for conveyance applications such as cut-to-length procedures, which require that a material be repeatedly cut or segmented as it travels across a conveyor.

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