The Importance of Dynamic Modeling

Oct. 16, 2023
Dynamic modeling can be the key to improving process performance - if given a chance.

While dynamic modeling is arguably one of the most important technological developments for engineers in the last 50 years, many process control engineers are unable to use it. It requires proper time investment for it to help improve process performance, but management doesn’t always allot the required time.

According to José María Ferrer, an industry expert with more than 25 years of dynamic simulation and hydrocarbon process experience, the key to implementing dynamic modeling is to educate process control engineers on the value they’ll get from “placing variable economic compensation based on controller performance”.

“I remember my first day at Hyprotech. I was given a laptop and a two-hour tour of the simulation tool building a dynamic model,” Ferrer told Control. “Since then, I’m still amazed at the capabilities of dynamic and steady-state process simulators.”

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