Using Roll Control to Straighten Pipes

Feb. 16, 2024
Factors involved in solving straightening problems include understanding material properties, variations in bending requirements and the versatility of the straightening machine.

How do you calculate bending moments to correctly straighten tubes with a 10-roll straightener? This question was recently posed by a reader of Control, partner publication of Automation World.

Control discusses the intricacies of straightening tubes using a 10-roll straightener, crucial information for automation engineers involved in process control and optimization. The straightening process involves both bending and pressure straightening, with the article detailing the significance of these methods in achieving desired tube straightness.

Automation plays a vital role, as manual adjustment of bending moments is challenging and requires extensive experience. Computerized systems are highlighted as solutions that guarantee consistent results and eliminate variability due to operator actions.

It’s of great importance to apply accurate measurement techniques, ranging from traditional methods like using wires stretched between pipe ends to more advanced sensor technologies such as lasers or telescopes, providing valuable insights for automation engineers seeking precise control over the straightening process.

Learn more about it in this article from Control.

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