Making Installation Standards Understandable

May 14, 2024
The complexities of installing a new magnetic flowmeter in an industrial setting.

As an automation engineer, Emily grapples with deciphering technical manuals and understanding industry standards like NEMA and IP ratings.

In this article from Control, she highlights the challenges of ensuring that the equipment meets the required specifications for the harsh environmental conditions it will operate in, such as mist and intermittent flooding. This underscores the importance of thorough documentation and vendor support in the procurement process, especially when end users lack specialized expertise or resources.

Additionally, the article explores the growing trend of using Bluetooth-connected interfaces for configuring field devices, offering a more streamlined and language-adaptive alternative to traditional manual configurations.

For automation engineers, the article emphasizes the significance of understanding and adhering to industry standards, such as NEMA and IP ratings, to ensure the reliability and durability of equipment in challenging operating environments.

Read more about the complexities of installations and more in this article from Control.

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