ANCA’s CNC Machines Adopt AI, AMRs

June 20, 2024
By aligning with industry standards and leveraging AI, ANCA not only streamlines processes but also positions itself at the forefront of autonomous manufacturing innovation.
ANCA CNC Machines, a Melbourne-based company, is pioneering autonomous manufacturing with their Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS).
This system, Control Design reported, automates the production of cutting tools through a modular ecosystem, allowing customization for specific applications. AIMS can range from simple manual systems to fully automated setups with minimal operator involvement.
Key components include autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling and automated feedback loops for process control. By integrating AMRs, such as AutoFetch, ANCA enhances efficiency in tool manufacturing by automating sample measurements and feedback into the grinding process.
Samuel Kirkpatrick, ANCA’s technical manager, highlights the transformative role of emerging technologies and open communication protocols in industrial automation. Technologies like MQTT, IO-Link and OPC UA enable efficient, event-driven communication, fostering interoperability and data access.
ANCA’s adoption of AI further optimizes machine operation and internal workflows, using tools like GitHub Copilot for code development. Kirkpatrick emphasizes the importance of standardized communication protocols and the shift towards web technologies in industrial automation.

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