Ask the Expert: Deciphering Programmable Multi-Axis Motion Controllers

April 1, 2024
Learn about the latest developments in PMAC solutions.

If you think of motion control automation as a slow-moving and mature market, you might reconsider when you look at advancements in programmable multi-axis controllers (PMACs). The push for higher-than-ever accuracies and the use of technologies like lasers have sparked a new category of hybrid motion control solutions that pair fast-tool servos with standard servo actuators to achieve higher throughput while maintaining speed and precision.

These new systems are powerful but require complex programming techniques to deliver two separate pieces of code to drive two machine paths that must work in unison to get the job done. Facing ongoing talent shortages and a mandate to do more with less, many manufacturers don’t have the in-house expertise or the time to take advantage of new hybrid PMAC solutions.

Enter Omron’s spectral decomposition technology, used in tandem with its PMAC solutions to simplify deployment of hybrid solutions by minimizing extra programming steps. The system automatically takes one motion profile, separates it in two, and rejoins the codes to create the exact profile required.

Read this Ask the Expert to learn more about hybrid motion control solutions and how spectral decomposition paves the way to advanced PMAC capabilities.

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