Cybersecurity for Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers

Aug. 2, 2023
Industrial Defender’s Phoenix is designed to provide smaller manufacturers with easy-to-use and cost-effective operations security system.

Cybersecurity is not just a concern for large industrial organizations. Though such companies may be the initial target of cyber-attacks, the proliferation of malware puts every company at risk.

To help address the cybersecurity needs of small and mid-sized manufacturers with limited resources and budget, Industrial Defender has developed Phoenix, an all-in-one system specifically designed for environments with up to 200 endpoints. According to Industrial Defender, Phoenix provides an automated view of all operation technology assets and endpoint information including:

  • Device type, make, model and serial number
  • Software and firmware
  • User accounts
  • Ports and services
  • Configuration details

Phoenix combines passive means with agentless and active discovery methods for a more comprehensive dataset. Phoenix also enables security event management by providing event log data, network analytics through network monitoring and visibility into communication flows, and enterprise integration with flexible APIs (application programming interfaces).

“Attackers are increasingly targeting operational technology, and smaller organizations are especially vulnerable due to their limited resources,” says Jay Williams, CEO of Industrial Defender. “Smaller organizations often believe they won’t be targeted, but all users of operational technology are at risk of cyberattacks, whether they are the intended target or just caught in the blast radius.”

Industrial Defender notes that Phoenix can also scale into a network of enterprise-grade systems to support the user company’s future growth.

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