ServiceNow Integrates Radiflow’s Network Monitoring

Feb. 9, 2024
Radiflow’s Service Graph Connector for industrial control system cybersecurity synchronizes asset inventory and device relationships within ServiceNow.

To enable manufacturers to monitor their operations technologies (OT) network within their existing workflow environment, ServiceNow has announced the ability to integrate cybersecurity provider Radiflow’s Service Graph Connector (SGC). 

SGC provides automated asset discovery capabilities for enterprise OT and, with this integration, can now populate the ServiceNow OT Management Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with detailed OT asset data to deliver unified visibility across an organization’s IT and OT domains.

Radiflow’s iSID network visibility and threat detection system (contained in SGC) is designed to protect industrial control systems and critical infrastructure environments. It automatically feeds the ServiceNow OT data model with detailed OT asset inventory, Purdue level information, and configuration and vulnerability information.

Key features of Radiflow’s SGC integration with ServiceNow include:
•    Radiflow’s iSID uses sensors as the intrusion detection system to enable Radiflow to monitor the network. 
•    Assets in the CMDB are discovered by iSID on the network and provide information about firmware, OS version and vendor.
•    Connections between assets in the CMDB describe the relationship between assets and how they communicate.

The Radiflow integration with ServiceNow allows security practitioners to meet internal policies and compliance. It also helps plant management plan for more efficient maintenance through its integration within ServiceNow.