Online 3D CAD Configurator

Sept. 27, 2023
Festo releases new online configurator to deliver a 3D CAD file of an actuator assembly and expedite ordering.

To help OEMs lower engineering costs and bring machines to market faster, Festo has developed a new online 3D CAD Configurator for pneumatic actuators and associated accessories such as fittings, lengths of tubing, and sensors.

Here’s how it works: Once an actuator is selected from a choice of either cylinder, drive with guides, or semi rotary drive, the engineer selects accessory “hot spots” to identify and select each accessory. The configurator then ensures compatibility between actuator and accessories to eliminate any possible errors in type code.

The online configurator supports the most common computer-aided design (CAD) formats, and the single CAD file of the actuator/accessory assembly simplifies the design process by eliminating individual CAD files for the various components.

By focusing only on the in-stock and quick-ship core range of Festo pneumatic actuators and accessories, the configurator is designed to ensure availability of configured assemblies.

Following configuration, actuators and accessories are shipped in a one-bag kit with a single unique Festo ID number covering all components in the kit to help expedite re-ordering. The unique part number is recognized by Festo globally to ensure replacement kit availability wherever the machine is located.

Users can test drive the 3D CAD Configurator on the Festo Digital Engineering Tools site.

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