PLCs and PACs

March 4, 2024

From the origins of modern industrial controllers to end user and system integrator preferences, this Automation World eHandbook provides the insights you need to make informed decisions about the controllers that automate your production processes.

 Automation World’s eHandbook on PLCs and PACs explains the development of industrial controllers, highlights the key differences among PLCs, PACs and industrial PCs, and provides insights into controller programming language options.

 Information in this eHandbook includes:

  • The evolution of industrial controllers from their early days of replacing relay control systems to their critical role at the heart of Industry 4.0.
  • What end users and system integrators prefer when it comes to selecting a controller type.
  • Choosing the right programming language for your operations.
  • How focusing on applications and controller specifications can ease the controller purchase process.

Sponsored by:  Industrial Shields, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, WAGO