Schneider Electric Expands AI Capabilities with Hailo Technologies

Dec. 27, 2023
Hailo’s low-power consumption processors enable real-time, high-accuracy data analysis at the edge to increase the intelligence and efficiency of industrial automation systems.

Schneider Electric has announced a technology collaboration with Hailo Technologies, a supplier of artificial intelligence (AI) chip technology, to integrate Hailo’s advanced processors within Schneider Electric devices. More specifically, Schneider Electric is using Hailo Technologies’ Hailo-8 processor for its low power consumption and enablement of real-time, high-accuracy data analysis at the edge.

By integrating the Hailo-8 AI processor within its industrial automation systems, Schneider Electric says it will deliver significant improvements in:

  • Pick and place to achieve object detection tasks six times faster than central processing units (CPUs).
  • Quality control that can run classification processes 20 times faster than a CPU.
  • Yield optimization to improve output and throughput and reducing waste by 15% on average.