Moeller Precision Tool Boosts Growth with CRM and ERP Integration

July 5, 2024
By integrating SugarCRM and Epicor ERP, Moeller Precision Tool gets data-driven sales insights and opportunity alerts based on customer buying behavior.
Moeller Precision Tool, a manufacturer of machine tools such as punches, die buttons and retainers, is using SugarCRM and Epicor’s ERP software to drive its manufacturing business through increased sales, marketing and customer service performance. Based in Michigan, Moeller Precision Tool also has brick-and-mortar locations in Canada, Italy, Mexico and the U.K., as well as a global sales team that extends to 19 other countries.
The integration of Epicor’s ERP with Sugar Sell, Sugar Market, and Revenue Intelligence (Sugar’s newest software from its recent acquisition of sales-i) provides Moeller Precision Tool with a modern tech stack to support the company’s ongoing digital transformation and global expansion. Moeller is using Sugar as its manufacturing CRM (customer relationship management) software to track business activity and keep accurate records of customer accounts worldwide, and to aid strategic planning and decision-making with customer data from Epicor’s ERP (enterprise resources planning). 
This CRM and ERP data integration allows Moeller Precision Tool to do “whitespace analysis” to more effectively discover hidden upsell, cross-sell, link-sell and switch-sell products and services. By understanding what products or services a customer has purchased in the past, Moeller can make targeted, personalized recommendations that are more likely to result in a sale, while marketing can use ERP data to pinpoint trends and create targeted campaigns. 
The company also uses data-driven sales insights and opportunity alerts based on customer buying behavior for intelligent account management to drive repeat sales. It uses revenue intelligence and sales enablement technologies to fully understand product mix, customer buying patterns, customer segmentation, pricing, seasonality and economic trends to enable sales teams to increase sales, reduce churn and support customer loyalty.
“Integrating Sugar and Epicor allows us to automate business processes, and eliminate data silos and redundancies while achieving a 360-degree view of our business, giving us more time to focus on growth and customer engagement,” said Ryan Penny, corporate marketing manager and sales coordinator at Moeller Precision Tool.

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