Rockwell Automation Launches Its Digital Partner Program

Dec. 4, 2019
As more industrial companies look to digitally transform their operations, Rockwell Automation is growing its Digital Partner Program to help guide and simplify the deployment of advanced digital technologies.

The launch of Rockwell Automation’s Digital Partner Program is designed to connect manufacturing and processing companies with the expertise, products, and services of companies like Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, Ansys, and Eplan. Rockwell Automation created this program to help end users streamline their digital transformation journey.

Each of the partners in the program brings its own expertise for customers to utilize as they move their operations into a digital environment and address specific problems they may encounter during the digitization process.

“We’ve heard from our customers about the importance of the connected supply chain as part of the connected enterprise,” said Blake Moret, CEO and chairman of Rockwell Automation. “And to be able to add additional substance to that, is just the start of what we can do together. And it’s a recognition that there’s no one company that can do all of this alone. And so, being able to prewire those relationships is essential.”

For example, Accenture can work with companies to create a business plan, develop use cases with return on investment, and maximize the value of those use cases across the enterprise. Microsoft can help companies access high-quality data from intelligent edge to intelligent cloud to drive better decision making companywide. PTC can help companies connect devices and systems from the edge to the cloud and use augmented reality technology to see systems and solve problems in new ways. Ansys and Eplan can help solve complex challenges and become part of the digital thread which helps companies be more productive in their design, operation, and maintenance activities.

 “Take a look at the number of specific use cases that we’re working together with our partners on, Microsoft [as with the Great Lakes Brewery] and PTC [like with Ford] are a part of it, addressing different areas of productivity that are important to our customers across a wide variety of industries,” said Moret. “I think you’ll capture a sense of what’s possible and unlock one’s imagination as to what can be done. Because we are about to see a period of acceleration in terms of the application of these types of technology on the plant floor.”

According to Rockwell Automation, this program will give global manufacturers access to a collaborative network of companies focused on “developing, implementing, and supporting the best offerings to achieve plant-wide optimization, improve machine performance, meet their sustainability objectives, and be able to seamlessly connect all levels of a business and turn raw data into powerful insights with integrated devices and standardized data.”

The Digital Partner Program also looks to give businesses a space where they can consult with industry advisors to create roadmaps for their digital initiatives, learn about Industrial Internet of Things concepts like digital twin technology and the factory of the future, and also how a connected workforce can improve their uptime and efficiency.