Enterprise Connectivity and Home Version Announced for Ignition

June 26, 2020
The Ignition software platform from Inductive Automation can now connect more easily to SAP ERP systems; also a personal home version of the software is available for the maker community.

With enterprise connectivity of plant floor software applications being a key factor in enabling the digital transformation of industry, Sepasoft (a supplier of manufacturing execution system software) has released the Sepasoft Business Connector and Interface for SAP ERP. This new releases allow users to connect Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform to enterprise business systems like SAP’s ERP software and create interfaces for developing business logic, transforming data, and mapping data between Ignition and other systems.  

According to Sepasoft, the combination of Sepasoft’s MES module suite and its new Sepasoft Business Connector enables Ignition to become a connectivity platform for the enterprise. “The Sepasoft Business Connector can link directly to SAP via the Interface for SAP ERP module and provides built-in templates for common data exchange scenarios,” said Keith Adair, product manager at Sepasoft. “With our Web Services module, the Sepasoft Business Connector can communicate with other ERP and business systems that support SOAP and RESTful endpoints.”

Don Pearson, chief strategy officer at Inductive Automation, added, “As an integrated part of the Ignition platform, the Sepasoft Business Connector supports familiar idioms like drag-and-drop, tag binding, and scripting, while requiring minimal configuration of third-party systems.”

To build this interface, Sepasoft worked with 4IR Solutions to leverage its expertise in enterprise and SAP integration. “When factoring in licensing, maintenance, training, engineering, and support, customers can expect to pay an order of magnitude less compared to other middleware or developing (their own) custom solutions,” said Joseph Dolivo, principal of digital transformation at 4IR Solutions.

In other Ignition-related news, Inductive Automation has released the Ignition Maker Edition—a new software platform that gives people free, personal access to Ignition. The Ignition Maker Edition is free for non-commercial users and reportedly only takes three minutes to install.

Designed as a free tool for hobbyists, students, and individuals wanting to familiarize themselves with the Ignition platform, Ignition Maker Edition uses trusted technologies like SQL, Python, OPC UA, and MQTT, allowing users to connect to nearly any kind of database, PLC, or other device.

Ignition Maker Edition is nearly identical to the professional version of Ignition and includes many of the same core modules, such as the Ignition Perspective Module for access via mobile devices, database connections, alarm notifications, OPC UA functionality, tag historian, and reporting. The software also supports MQTT modules from Cirrus Link Solutions.

The software can be used to automate the lights in their home or to build projects for other personal activities, according to Inductive Automation. Users can collect data, get real-time analytics, and manage multiple devices, as well as add charts, tables, voice notifications, and sophisticated logic systems.

“The same individuals who are using Ignition every day to optimize production lines, track energy use, and monitor operating conditions can now apply all that knowledge to their personal projects,” said Colby Clegg, vice president of technology for Inductive Automation.

Travis Cox, co-director of sales engineering at Inductive Automation, added, “I use Ignition for my home automation system and to manage my bills. Ignition is an ideal tool because it connects to anything and gives me the flexibility to customize the solution the way I want it. And I can access it anywhere.”

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