IIoT Connected Assets Guide

Sept. 8, 2021
Industry IoT Consortium releases a guide designed to help manufacturers network connected assets and products.

To help manufacturers ensure their networks are up to the task of IIoT,  the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) has released its Industrial Internet of Things Networking Framework (IINF) publication. The framework is designed to serve as a guideline and toolbox for those who design, develop, deploy, or operate IIoT networking systems.

According to the IIC, this framework “guides IIoT stakeholders on designing and developing the appropriate networking solutions to enable IIoT applications and stimulate industrial digital transformation. It details the requirements, technologies, standards, and solutions for networking that support diverse applications and deployments across a broad range of IIoT sectors and vertical industries.”

David Lou, co-chair of the IIC Networking Task Group, chief researcher at Huawei Technologies, and one of the primary authors of the framework, said, "An underlying network is the foundation of any IIoT solution, as it enables the exchange of data and control and forms the basis of digital transformation across industries.”

The IINF includes use cases from several industrial sectors, including smart factories, mining, oil & gas, and smart grid to illustrate the diversity of networking considerations. Networking technologies and standards are covered in-depth and are accompanied by best practices. 

Learn about the Industry IoT Consortium's IIoT Maturity Assessment tool designed to help companies better understand their IIoT readiness.

Another contributing author to the framework, Jan Holler, co-chair of the IIC Networking Task Group and research fellow at Ericsson, said, "The IINF helps organizations sort through numerous networking technologies to ensure interoperability across industry sectors. It answers the fundamental question: How do I design, deploy, and operate a successful networking solution for my industrial IoT applications?”

The IINF supplements other IIC foundational industry guidance, including:

·      Industrial Internet of Things Reference Architecture

·       Industrial Internet of Things Security Framework, and 

·       Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity Framework

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