Delivering Insight After Installation

Feb. 19, 2015
GE’s Equipment Insight puts the Industrial Internet of Things concept into play with a remote monitoring and diagnostics system enabling OEMs to manage maintenance and create revenue.

Equipment Insight from GE Predictivity is a remote monitoring and diagnostics system designed to enable OEMs to provide a lifetime of machine data, detailed insight and predictive maintenance programs that generate revenue beyond the sale. It allows OEMs to increase asset utilization, fix problems before they occur, and identify opportunities for product design improvements.

The cost-effective, scalable Equipment Insight system is designed to securely collect data from an OEM’s machines to provide maintenance and asset management services that more end users are expecting from OEMs.

Key benefits of Equipment Insight include:

Improve asset performance and uptime. Equipment Insight transforms raw machine data into actionable information. It aligns the state of the customer asset with its health. Alarms, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and key performance indicator (KPI) data can be viewed in a single screen on any device. A customized risk index provides advanced analytics and predictive detection, allowing OEMs to fix problems before they occur.

Increase efficiency. Equipment Insight helps OEMs quickly address customer issues by delivering the right information to the right person, wherever they are, on any device. Critical information is delivered to service people based on their proximity to customer assets, improving time-to-repair. Once on site, personnel can capture asset status, project details and known asset issues via text and pictures for faster solution delivery. Analytic reasoners can be used to predict machine failures, enabling OEMs to proactively schedule maintenance, eliminating unplanned downtime. OEMs can document standard operating procedures (SOPs) such as preventive maintenance tasks, and monitor them for completion. The OEM benefits from better, more efficient service operations while end users get fast, effective resolution of equipment issues.

Boost profitability. OEMs can create new revenue-generating service models using Equipment Insight, such as data monitoring services, preventive maintenance contracts and warranty programs. OEMs can even forecast maintenance needs and replace parts or make repairs before productivity is affected. Since Equipment Insight is brand-agnostic, OEMs can use it with any installed base and reduce costs by leveraging a few experts to monitor and troubleshoot an entire asset fleet.

Hosted on a private, Cloud-based server and offered as a subscription-based service, Equipment Insight has little or no impact on customer IT functions. OEMs can install the field agent on any intelligent device—in the factory or in the field—and begin seeing the return on investment (ROI) right away.

To learn more about Equipment Insight and start a three-month free trial, visit

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