Partnership Furthers Action at the Internet of Things Edge

Predixion Software is coupling its cloud-based advanced analytics software with Wind River’s cloud-based IoT platform to enable real-time data analytics where decisions can be made quickly.

Aw 87120 Predixion Gateway Cloud Device Sensor

To take advantage of the incredible economic impact that’s expected from the Internet of Things (McKinsey predicts $11 trillion annually by 2025), more companies are trying to do more with the available data—analyze sooner, on the fly, further out at the edges.

Predixion Software, which has been using its Machine Learning Semantic Model (MLSM) to get better analytical flexibility anywhere on the IoT network, announced at the Intel Developer Forum last week that it’s partnering with Wind River and its cloud-based IoT platform to help customers take action at the IoT edge.

The partnership will enable predictive applications created on the Predixion Insight platform to be deployed and managed on Wind River Helix Device Cloud, Wind River's cloud-based IoT platform that enables sensors, devices and machines to connect securely to a network infrastructure. Flexibility is the name of the game: Customers will be able to analyze data from multiple sources and time windows to predict and act on future events across multiple environments.

“For many critical situations, data generated by the IoT needs to be acted on in real time and close to the edge,” said Simon Arkell, CEO of Predixion Software. “Customers will need solutions that allow for rapid deployment of advanced analytic applications and ongoing management. Our partnership with Wind River is specifically designed to address this need and provide increased value for IoT applications deployed at the edge and in the cloud.”

The partnership between Predixion and Wind River is geared toward providing insights for maintenance cost reduction, resource optimization, and equipment failure prevention. The companies are reaching for a segment of the market—predictive maintenance for manufacturing and healthcare—that’s expected to reach about $577 billion by 2025.

“Wind River Helix Device Cloud is a proven platform to connect and manage devices, and deliver applications that accelerate IoT initiatives,” said Keith Shea, vice president of alliances and business development at Wind River. “By partnering with Predixion, an advanced analytics leader, we are innovating to deliver new capabilities to capitalize on the potential of the data generated by the IoT.”

Predixion Insight’s MLSM technology allows advanced analytics packages to be embedded into a variety of production environments, including directly onto connected or disconnected devices, in addition to applications, databases and complex event processing engines.


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