Kepware Alliance Solidifies IoT Cooperation

Dec. 10, 2015
The communications software company has brought together 10 partners, including innovative companies like Informatica, Splunk and ThingWorx, to tackle the market potential for the Internet of Things.

Convergence is a word that can be applied on so many levels within the industrial automation space these days. As we jump neck-deep into a world networking and data analysis demands, the convergence of information and operations technology (IT/OT) factions is paramount. But so is the convergence of talent and know-how from outside any given company. Nobody, it seems, can afford to go it alone in an Internet of Things (IoT) era. And no longer does that just mean big companies swooping up to buy the little guys and the solutions they’ve created.

Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, has certainly found that involvement with other innovative companies like Splunk, Informatica and ThingWorx is key as it dives deeper into the IoT space. Talking with Kepware’s Adam Kennedy at a recent conference, he seemed excited about all the possibilities these partnerships can bring to the table.

Now Kepware has formalized those partnerships with the launch of its IoT Alliance program, made up of a network of IoT players focused on growing the global IoT market and shaping the direction of industry. The alliance members will have access to proprietary technology from Kepware that enables their technologies to access industrial data from KEPServerEX. The alliance also offers members proprietary insight into Kepware’s product roadmap and creates a safe environment for interoperability and proof-of-concept testing.

“The IoT Alliance has the potential to be a disruptive force in the industrial automation market,” said Tony Paine, Kepware’s CEO. “By collaborating closely with Kepware and fellow alliance members, we have the capability to release new, innovative and proven solutions—reducing risk and accelerating time to market. This translates to tangible IoT solutions for our customers.”

Altogether, there are 10 founding members participating in Kepware’s IoT Alliance: Aizoon, Altizon, DeviceLynk, Falkonry, Informatica, IOT Technology Solutions, mnubo, Perseus, Splunk and ThingWorx. They will have access to a connected network of more than 40 technology partners, 80 system integrators and 90 Kepware resellers operating in more than 100 countries. By establishing relationships between alliance members and existing partners, Kepware aims to introduce members to new markets and opportunities.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Kepware’s release of its IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX, which streams industrial data into cloud and on-premise solutions for real-time analytics.

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