Metso Mines Data Capabilities With IIoT Platform

Looking to become a digital leader in mining and other industries, Metso has partnered with Rockwell Automation to monitor and analyze assets in the field.

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Like many other manufacturing industries these days, mining operations are digging for more than just minerals. With a goal to become a digital leader in the industries it serves—mining and aggregates among them—Metso is digging deep for data.

With help from Rockwell Automation, Metso is using a global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to connect its equipment and services out in the field, monitoring and analyzing assets to improve efficiency and profitability for its mining and aggregates customers.

Metso recently launched a digital program to accelerate its digital capabilities in mineral processing and flow control—making digitalization an integral part of its growth strategy. “We focus on very practical and concrete ways to go forward. Digitalization is a tool to make things happen,” said Matti Kähkönen, Metso’s CEO, at the time. “New technologies are here and new business models can help us grow.”

The IIoT platform, built on Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Cloud (in turn powered by Microsoft Azure), will securely collect and store data from Metso’s equipment around the globe. This will enable Metso to provide remote asset monitoring services to its customers, including predictive analytics and preventive maintenance.

“For our mining and aggregates customers, access to real-time data enables higher uptime, faster and safer shutdowns, and ultimately more tonnage processed at lower cost,” said Jani Puroranta, chief digital officer for Metso. “Enabled by an Industrial IoT platform from Rockwell Automation and global coverage with Microsoft Azure’s data centers, Metso can deliver analyzed equipment data into the hands of its customers for advanced decision-making.”

Metso first launched a pilot IIoT program in 2015, getting Rockwell’s help to remotely monitor an African-based mining crusher from a location in Wisconsin. Metso was immediately able to use the data collected to identify opportunities for improvements in machine performance. With the confidence gained from that pilot, Metso decided to broaden its IIoT implementation globally.

“Metso has an inspiring vision to deliver powerful analytics and information solutions in mining and aggregates that will drive business results for customers,” said Blake Moret, president and CEO of Rockwell Automation. “This is the type of foresight and focus on application of IoT across operations that we are excited to see developing in all industries.”


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