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Connect with Digital Transformation Experts

The Industrial Internet Consortium launched a pilot program to connect industrial end users with experienced consortium members. The goal of this service is to help users identify appropriate digital technologies or scale existing proofs of concept.

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Unless you’re involved with the launch of a greenfield industrial operation, digitizing production operations is no small task. From retrofitting legacy devices to determining which systems to replace with newer digital technologies, digitizing production is a complex process often without definitive answers. And that’s not even getting into decisions around which data to send to the cloud and which to keep on premise for edge-computing applications.

To help with this process, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), has launched a new pilot program called Industry Connect Service to help organizations achieve digital transformation by connecting them with experts who can understand their business problems and develop and deploy IIoT solutions.

The IIC says this program is intended to help end users assess specific digital technologies, identify requirements for industry standards, or scale existing proofs of concept. Experienced IIC members are invited to work with the IIC as part of this program to guide users to the proper experts within the IIC membership ecosystem and help identify problems and possible solutions, opportunities for new technology development and proofs of concepts with testbeds and test drives, and to define requirements for their industry.

“IIC member experts have developed best practices, guidelines and frameworks and have applied these resources across many industries," said Howard Kradjel, IIC vice president, industry programs. "Their knowledge and insight can help technology users transform their businesses. We look forward to the projects the Industry Connect Service will bring to our ecosystem and the opportunity for our membership to deliver direct value to technology users.”

To take part in this program, users can submit their problem and requirements—regardless of the size of the project—to the IIC membership via the Industry Connect Service website at

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