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Why Pneumatics Remain an Automation Mainstay

Greater intelligence, coupled with cost and sustainability advantages, keep pneumatic motion control a staple of modern automation.
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Close the Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Feedback Loop

How optical rotary encoders can provide real-time motion feedback on motion applications using stepper motor-driven linear actuators.

JR Automation Uses Beckhoff’s XTS in its Modular Assembly Platform

The FlexChassis system from JR Automation, which enables manufacturers to scale assembly applications in multiple industry verticals, features Beckhoff’s XTS intelligent transport...

Motor Energy Appraisals Reveal Significant Savings

ABB’s energy reviews of industrial electric motors indicate potential 2.1 TWh lifetime savings.
Mitsubishi Electric’s lineup of MR-J5 servo technologies.

How Servo Drives Help Manufacturers Meet Competitive Digitalization Goals

By delivering accurate and precise control over position, speed and torque, servo drives meet exacting industry requirements while embracing the latest innovations to enable the...
Norgren multi-axis motion control system components.

Motion Control: Electric or Pneumatic

In complex machines with multi-axis motion control, pneumatic and electric options abound. Making the selection often depends on the application’s speed and length of travel as...
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Motors: The Core of Automation

Motors have been central to automation since the beginnings of the first industrial revolution in the mid 18th century and their varied forms and applicability maintain their ...
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The floating and flying XPlanar movers transport the components through the testing process in an optimized 3-second cycle.

Using XPlanar for Optical Inspection

Built around Beckhoff’s XPlanar materials transport system, Stoba Sondermaschinen has developed a modular optical inspection system that accelerates quality control.


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Insights on Multi-Axis Motion Control

Automation World connects with Anthony Leo of Norgren to discuss the distance, speed and accuracy capabilities of multi-axis electric motion control technologies. Access the full...
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Bosch Rexroth's Flexible Transport System with ctrlX

Demonstrating the FTS (Flexible Transport System) at Automate 2023, Alex Trees, applications engineer associate at Bosch Rexroth, noted that the ctrlX core, Bosch Rexroth’s app...
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Updates to Beckhoff's XTS with NCT

Jeff Johnson from Beckhoff explains how the updates to the XTS with NCT enable it to move beyond pure product transport and allow for the integration of sensors and actuators ...
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B&R's Acopos 6D Levitating Transport System

A video excerpt from the podcast discussion about levitating transport systems for industry, specifically B&R's Acopos 6D, which uses levitating shuttles to move materials and...