Multi-function Liquid Level Control

The CLD/P Series of multi-function conductive-liquid level controllers are designed to allow easy monitoring of two to four level points, with simple selection of functions, including filling, emptying, and new functions such as a tank-well option.

Aw 809 1103 Np31

This allows a single device to control levels in an above ground tank and underground well, and prevent either from running dry. A master-slave option allows up to seven controllers to be directly connected to each other. A new single-point controller includes a time-delay function to allow for filling or emptying of a tank with a single level point. All functions and adjustments of the CLD/P Series are made via rotary switches and potentiometers on the face of the unit. LEDs indicate power and relay output states. The UL, cRus and CSA approved controllers are in compact, 17.5mm or 35mm-wide housings, with DIN-rail mount or eleven pin plug connection.

Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

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