Change Management Enhanced, Simplified

AutoSave for System Platform enhances change management at the application object level for graphics, templates and instances of application objects within the vendor’s Wonderware System Platform environment.

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By archiving data and documenting application code changes, AutoSave for System Platform can help improve the review, enhancement and disaster recovery for integrated automation and information solutions. Each application object’s version history and revision details are available through a new AutoSave interface from MDT Software that resembles the vendor’s ArchestrA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) interface. The product also provides the ability to compare two revisions of an object and report differences, as well as to restore an object from AutoSave to the ArchestrA Galaxy repository. Additionally, installation of the AutoSave software is simple, says the vendor, with an automated export of data from the ArchestrA Galaxy application database repository into the AutoSave software.

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