Rugged Notepad with Barcode Scanner

Nov. 30, 2011
The company’s latest mobile device is the Mesa Rugged Notepad with Barcode Scanner, a Windows Mobile device with a large 5.7-in. display that still fits comfortably in one hand.

The IP67-compliant unit is built for outdoor applications that include bright sunlight and dark shadows; it also scans through glass. It features a laser for aiming and a pick list mode for easy selection of multiple barcodes in close proximity. The barcode scanner can be added to any of three Mesa Rugged Notepad models. Standard Mesa features Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth wireless technology, while the Geo model adds 2– to 5-meter-accurate GPS and a 3.2MP camera enhanced with Geotagging (the ability to embed and emboss photos with date, time, and GPS position.) The Geo 3G model includes all of the features of the Mesa Geo, plus a 3.5G GSM data modem for increased connectivity capabilities.

Juniper Systems