Pushbuttons, Selector Switches

July 18, 2012
A22R 22-mm Ddameter pushbuttons and selector switches from Omron Automation & Safety are cost-effective options that allow configuration changes to match contact requirements, and are quickly serviced with plug-in replacements.

Designed with a gleaming metal bezel that offers panel builders a tasteful appearance for machine controls, the A22R series is available in a wide range of colors, and lighted models are notable for their uniform illumination.

The A22R series includes these types of switches:  A22R Non-lighted pushbutton; A22RL Lighted pushbutton; A22RS Non-lighted selector switch; A22RW Lighted selector switch; A22RK Keyed selector switch; and M22R Pilot lights (do not have a metal bezel).

The A22R series expands Omron’s line of pushbuttons that includes the popular A22 series of 22-mm diameter switches with plastic bezel in round and square shapes, and the A16 series of 16-mm diameter switches with plastic bezel in round, square and rectangular shapes.