Intelligent Pump Control and Protection

Jan. 25, 2017
PumpSmart PS220 from ITT Pro Services protects against upset conditions such as dry run, minimum flow and cavitation, resulting in improved reliability and safety of the pump systems.

Incorporated in the company’s PS220 microprocessor-based Direct Torque Controlled adjustable speed AC drive, it features advanced sensorless algorithms that determine critical performance parameters and provide valuable process insight and diagnostic data. Premier process control functionality comes with robust redundancy to maximize process uptime. Functions include calculating the flow and head of the pump without sensors, sensorless pump protection from process upset conditions, intelligent sleep and balancing load between multiple pumps. By protecting against pump failure due to process upsets, it keeps operations running longer and reduces unplanned repair activities and expense. By right-sizing pumps to the systems they are running, it can reduce not only energy consumption, but also wear and tear on the process systems. Accurately delivering information on key performance metrics such as flow, head, and efficiency in real time without the need of external sensors gives users better insight to their pumping systems.

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