Predictive Maintenance System Spots Failures Before they Occur

June 11, 2019
GraceSense, from Grace Engineered Products, helps users find failures before they occur.

Featuring a configurable user interface and ready-to-deploy IIoT smart devices for asset health monitoring, the system is designed to curb unplanned downtime and provide a swift return on investment. It was first introduced with the Hot Spot Monitor (HSM); a non-conductive temperature monitoring device that identifies potential hot spots in critical equipment and alerts users to abnormalities before they lead to unplanned shutdowns. The system includes a wide array of asset health monitoring smart devices utilizing IIoT and allows users to view real-time analytics through an intuitive web-based maintenance hub that provides real-time dashboards, analytics, alert capabilities, and configuration. Among these predictive smart devices are the Vibration & Temperature Node and Panel-Mount CloudGate/Node. Once deployed in a facility, advanced edge processing and ZigBee compatible communication allows the Vibration & Temperature Node(s) to monitor vibration and temperature and insightfully predict health on rotating equipment. The panel-mount CloudGate/Node is easy to configure with a wide selection of inputs, transducers, radios, and power options. Configured as a CloudGate with LTE or Wi-Fi, it can provide support to thousands of nodes, making architecture massively scalable.

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