AI-Embedded Operator Interface App

Aug. 11, 2020
The Aveva Insights Operations Management Interface app uses artificial intelligence to help improve manufacturing decision making.

Aveva has released the Aveva Insights Operations Management Interface (OMI) app, an application designed to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with an operator’s real-time decision-making to improve overall operational agility. The company claims its use of AI in this kind of app is an industry first. The app introduces AI capabilities into the Aveva System Platform, formerly known as the Wonderware System Platform, to provide automatic, predictive detection of unusual behavior, giving users early notification of events such as unplanned downtime or production losses.

As anomalous patterns are identified, the app can deliver them to on-premise human-machine interfaces or supervisory control and data acquisition systems, delivering insights directly where operators need it.

The app uses a familiar thumbs-up or thumbs-down confirmation system to incorporate feedback from operators and ensure the AI-driven notifications are relevant to the needs of the user and support overall business objectives. By incorporating operator feedback into the app’s functions, it enables operations, maintenance, and production teams to train the AI engine to adapt to specific implementations. The closed-loop feedback system of the OMI app improves the accuracy of the AI prediction engine over time, helping users to focus on what matters most to their production operations.

“IIoT applications have driven a massive increase in the collection of real-time operations and manufacturing data. As a result, operators face alarm overload and often cannot effectively react to or distinguish between process-critical situations and false positive alarm conditions, resulting in the loss of operational time and resources. By harnessing the power of AI and advanced cloud analytics, Aveva is enabling operators to take proactive action, before process and maintenance problems occur,” said Rashesh Mody, vice president of monitoring and control at Aveva.

Beyond its ability to deliver anomaly detection in its context-aware OMI display, the app is designed to provide industrial operations with an accelerated path toward implementing AI in the control room and plant floor, according to Aveva.

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