Optimizing Overall Equipment Efficiency for Automation

Feb. 8, 2024
What is overall equipment efficiency, and how can it help make the most of machinery?

Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is described as a crucial metric for assessing manufacturing equipment effectiveness in this article from partner publication Control Design, emphasizing the need to optimize production line performance.

OEE can be broken down into its three main attributes: availability, process uptime and output quality, providing formulas for each. This systematic approach to measuring machine efficiency aligns well with the methods commonly employed by automation engineers to monitor and improve manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, the article addresses common factors that can affect OEE scores, such as equipment malfunctions, changeovers, quality issues and human error, all of which are pertinent considerations for automation engineers tasked with optimizing automation systems. Strategies to mitigate these factors include preventive maintenance, optimized procedures and contingency plans, and are as essential for improving machine performance and overall productivity.

Learn more about what OEE is from Control Design’s article.