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Energy Management: Portable Test Instrument

Energy efficiency has been growing priority at most plants for some time. The new, CW10 clamp-on power meter diagnoses maintenance and electrical issues before bigger, more expensive product solutions are used.

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Smart meters appeared on the consumer scene with the Reinvestment Act back in 2009.  However, for plant and factory management, energy efficiency challenges have been around for some time. Software is a big player for managing energy at a plant level, but there are smaller investments that can go a long way, such as power meters.

The clamp-on power meter from Yokogawa combines the basic functionality of a standard clamp on tester, digital multimeter and a power monitor to initially diagnose maintenance and electrical issues. The early testing is done with this portable instrument and more sophisticated equipment can then analyze the performance of motors, generators and other power related equipment.

This product offers technicians and maintenance personnel the ability to measure 600 A AC/DC, 1000 V AC/DC, 600 kW AC/DC, power factor, total harmonic distortion, harmonics from 1st to 25h, resistance and frequency. Other capabilities include phase rotation, voltage detection, continuity check, diode test, inrush current and low pass filter.

Comes equipped with a joystick to allow the user to easily select the preferred diagnostic function. This portable instrument's display is backlit when clamping and contains a 3.5. digit and bar graph display. Meets CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000V safety standard and is CE rated.

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