I/O Command-Slave Function Allows PLC or PAC Control of Robots

March 24, 2016
The latest RC8 robot controller from DENSO Robotics features a built-in I/O command-slave function that allows the company's robots to be controlled directly by Rockwell and Omron PLCs or PACs.

Communication with the robots is via Ethernet. Beta testing for Siemens and Mitsubishi PLCs and PACs is in progress. The company's compact, high-speed robots are widely used in traditional manufacturing sectors, as well as in advanced-technology applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Robots with four, five and six controlled axes are available, along with controllers and teaching pendants. Available software includes WINCAPS III, which allows programming from an offline PC; EMU multirobot simulation and offline programming software; OriN2, which allows control of robots and peripheral devices from a PC; and b-Cap Ethernet Control Protocol, which allows control of robots and peripheral devices by PC, PLC or other Ethernet device.

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