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Dual-Arm Collaborative Robot

The duAro robot from Kawasaki Robotics is designed to work alongside humans on material handling, assembly, machine tending and dispensing applications.

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The dual-arm horizontal articulated SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robot operates on a single axis and has a payload capacity of 2 kg per arm. The single axis configuration also enables the robot to perform coordinated arm movements, much like a human, making it suitable for applications such as material handling, assembly, machine tending and dispensing. The use of both arms in coordinated movements increases the payload capacity to 4 kg, allowing for the stable handling of larger parts. The unit’s base is on wheels and accommodates the controller. This enables the user to move the robot together with its base to any location desired. As the robot is designed to be installed in a single-person space, it can be deployed without modifications to the assembly or manufacturing line, or fit into confined spaces. Its low-power motors, soft body, speed and shared work zone monitoring allow for the robot to collaboratively work with humans. In the unlikely event of a collision, the collision detection function instantaneously stops the robot’s movement. The direct teach function allows the user to teach the robot tasks by hand guiding its arms. In addition, the robot can be programmed using a PC or tablet terminal.

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