Gripper for Collaborative Robot Arms

May 11, 2017
On Robot’s two-finger RG2 grippers — available in both single and dual versions — mount easily on the arms of collaborative robots (cobots) without any external wires; for robots that have infinite rotation of the last joint, this allows unprecedented flexibility and productivity.

The grippers feature simple and intuitive programming using the same interface as the robot, and can be modified without previous programming experience, making them especially suitable for collaborative robot users. Operators can choose what they need the gripper to do and the gripper responds with motion as flexible as the cobot itself. Other features include angle mounting from 0° to 180° in 30° steps, in both the single- and dual-gripper setup, as well as customizable fingertips, which can be designed by end users to fit production requirements. Assisted center-of-gravity calculation allows users to enter the value of the payload and let the robot calculate the rest, making programming easier, enhancing overall productivity and improving safety by enabling more accurate robot arm movements. Other feature include continuous grip indication — the gripper can discern any lost or deliberately removed object; Automatic Tool Center Point (TCP) calculation; automatic calculation of how the robot arm moves around the calculated TCP of an object, depending on the position in which the gripper is mounted, for easier programming and use.

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