Long-Stroke Robotic Gripper

The SCHUNK Co-act EGL-C is aimed at human/robot collaboration.

Long-Stroke Robotic Gripper
Long-Stroke Robotic Gripper

The unit achieves gripping forces up to 450 N with a stroke of 42.5 mm per finger, making it suitable for handling workpiece weights of up to 2.25 kg. To meet the biomechanical limit values defined in ISO/TS 15066 the gripper has combined force/path measurement. The gripping procedure is stored in the gripper, and is divided into several phases: Up to a theoretically taught distance of 4 mm to the workpiece — less than the thickness of a finger — the gripping force is limited to 30 N. If a collision should happen in this approach phase, e. g. due to the operator’s hand, the gripper stops. In the second phase, at a workpiece distance of < 4 mm, if the system measures a compliance issue in the closing phase — say a gripped workpiece is too small and the operator wants to remove it manually — this movement is also stopped. The same applies if the expected workpiece dimensions are exceeded by 2 mm, as for example if no component is available. In the third phase the gripper detects if the component is safely gripped and activates the integrated gripping force maintenance by applying the brake. This ensures that the gripped component does not get lost even in the event of an emergency stop.

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