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Plug-and-Play Intelligent Robot Screwdriver

OnRobot releases its Screwdriver product with precise torque control for repetitive assembly applications.

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The use of robots in manufacturing applications has been increasing for years amid simpler programming capabilities and the introduction of collaborative robots. Now, in response to the need for greater social distancing in light of COVID-19, interest in robotic applications for assembly operations appears to be growing stronger.

To further extend the use of robots for routine assembly applications, robot tool supplier OnRobot has released its Screwdriver product that reportedly helps manufacturers “who struggle to integrate and program piecemeal screwdriving systems” to more easily “automate repetitive, unergonomic, and often inconsistent manual screwdriving processes.”

Or Screwdriver 040 02OnRobot says programming its Screwdriver product is “as easy as entering the appropriate screw length and torque value into the user interface integrated into the teach pendant of any leading robot.”

The torque control capabilities and embedded axis featured in the OnRobot Screwdriver automatically calculates the speed and force required for consistent, accurate screwdriving, according to OnRobot. “The Screwdriver can detect incorrect screw length, which can help improve overall quality and reduce scrap. With the Screwdriver’s z-axis, screws up to 35mm in length are retracted inside the tool when moving and then driven automatically once the robot arm moves into position, which reduces robot arm movement and additional programming.

Features of the OnRobot Screwdriver include:

  • Embedded axis for accuracy and easy programming;
  • Precise torque control from 0.15Nm to 5Nm;
  • Screw sizes from M1.6 to M6, and up to 50mm long;
  • Available screw feeders;
  • Electrostatic discharge safe for electronics assembly; and
  • Mountability via the OnRobot Quick Changer.

With regard to OnRobot’s Quick Changer usability with robots from different suppliers, OnRobot notes that, for use with Universal Robots products, OnRobot provides a unified URCap that allows all tools to work together, even in a single program. For other robot types using fieldbus protocols, all OnRobot products have a unified communication platform using standard fieldbus protocols to simplify programming. And for robots that connect through digital I/O, OnRobot products include a WebLogic interface, enabling users to sign in via the OnRobot WebClient from a phone or any other network-connected device to monitor the robot or create simple robot programs. 

“This is one of our most advanced products to date,” says CEO of OnRobot, Enrico Krog Iversen. “We’ve designed an automated screwdriving tool that simplifies a highly complex process for our users, making it cost-effective and easy for manufacturers to see fast results in terms of higher uptime, output, consistency, and quality.”

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