Rockwell Automation Continues Growth with Strategic AMR Acquisitions

Nov. 8, 2023
The acquisition of Clearpath and Otto Motors aligns with the growing trend of autonomous production logistics, which has become increasingly essential for meeting production targets and remaining competitive in the industrial sector.

Rockwell Automation is set to acquire Clearpath Robotics, a move that holds significant interest for automation engineers, partner publication Control Design reported. The acquisition includes Clearpath's division, Otto Motors, which specializes in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial applications.

AMRs play a crucial role in creating safer and more productive workplaces by automating material handling processes, potentially reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency in manufacturing plants.

Otto Motors offers not only AMRs but also fleet-management and navigation software, making it a valuable addition to Rockwell's automation portfolio. The acquisition is part of Rockwell's strategy to build a Connected Enterprise, integrating various automation technologies and solutions to streamline operations. This move is expected to contribute to Rockwell's 2024 revenue growth and has the potential to transform how manufacturing facilities handle logistics and operations.

Learn more about the acquisition and Rockwell’s continued growth in this article from Control Design.

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