Mobile Robots with Integrated Lifter and Roller Modules Save Integration Time

April 10, 2024
Omron’s new MD-650 and the MD-900 autonomous mobile robots are designed to integrate with Roeq’s new TML500/TML750 lifter and TR600/TR700 roller modules.

With the rising popularity of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), Omron and Roeq are highlighting the fact that an AMR without a top module is like a robot arm without a gripper. A lifter top module enables an AMR to drive underneath the cargo, lift it up and transport it to the desired location, while a top roller enables the transfer of cargo from the AMR to a conveyor station for fully automated intralogistics.

Last year, the companies announced the integration of Roeq’s lifter systems with Omron’s LD-90 AMR. At Modex 2024, the companies highlighted an expansion of their partnership with the announcement of Omron’s new medium-payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the MD-650 and the MD-900 with Roeq top modules.

The Roeq TML500/TML750 Lifter is a flat top lifter enabling the MD AMRs to safely pick up, transport and drop off pallets and cargo up to 510 kg (1120 lbs.) with the MD-650, and 760 kg (1680 lbs.) with MD-900. A new Roeq PR750 Pallet Rack is also available with a multi-rack option. An optional Roeq Cargo Sensor Kit provides additional control to ensure goods stay in place on the AMR. The Lifter is available for both U.S. and Euro pallet sizes.

The TR600/TR700 Roller from Roeq is a heavy-duty top roller allowing the MD-series to pick up goods weighing up to 675 kg (1490 lbs.) between conveyor stations. This roller system includes the Roeq GuardCom system which provides additional safety and efficiency when transferring between the top roller and the receiving station, using sensor technology.

Speaking about the partnership between Roeq and Omron, Kyle Hable, group product manager, Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies, said they work with Roeq because of their focus on creating the top modules for AMRs. “Typically, we're working with system integrators to create one-off solutions” but those projects require a long project cycle. The partnership between Omron and Roeq means there’s “less work on the system integrator side so they can focus on the customer project and work through the project execution much faster.” 

Both the lifter and roller modules feature Roeq Assist software for AMR and top module set up and compliance with safety standards. 

The companies noted that a Roeq cart system that further boosts the payload capacity of the MD series will be released later this year.

Hable also pointed out the built-in safety of the combined Omron/Roeq AMR system saying that, in the companies’ booth at Modex 2024, “we don't have any guardrails up. If you walk around the Modex exhibit hall, you'll notice a lot of the other vendors have guardrails up and are protecting the robots from people. While those robots may be safe, we like to think Omron—combined with Roeq—is the safest in the industry by following modern safety standards such as ISO 3691-4 and ANSI/RIA R15.08. These standards address the safety specifications for the robot itself and the topper system.”

In the video below, Kyle Hable explains the Omron/Roeq partnership and new products.

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