Kassow Robots Launches the KR Pulse Ecosystem

April 22, 2024
With Bosch Rexroth's majority ownership since April 2022, Kassow Robots reinforces its commitment to advancing collaborative robotics and supporting the evolving needs of automation engineers in diverse industries.

Kassow Robots has introduced its KR Pulse ecosystem, tailored for automation engineers seeking streamlined integration of cobots into their processes, Control Design reported.

By collaborating with system integrators and end-users, KR Pulse facilitates the combination of Kassow Robots' lightweight cobots with various end-of-arm tools and software, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in automation solutions.

Modeled after Bosch Rexroth's ctrlX World, KR Pulse is structured into three segments:

  • components like grippers and vision systems,
  • application kits for specific tasks such as welding or dispensing, and
  • engineering tools for processes like simulation.

This initiative reflects the growing trend of industrial ecosystems pioneered by Universal Robots' UR+ in 2016, emphasizing the importance of open innovation in adapting to the demands of a dynamic production environment.

At the core of the KR Pulse ecosystem are Kassow Robots' C-Buns compatibility bundles, facilitating seamless plug-and-play integration of external products with their cobots. These bundles, complemented by Kassow's range of lightweight robots boasting various reach and payload capacities, empower automation engineers to design and implement cobot solutions swiftly and effectively.

Learn more about Kassow Robots’ KR Pulse ecosystem in the full article from Control Design.

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