High-Speed Tire Assembly

A new patent-pending system, called AutoW8t, dispenses, cuts and provide robotic application of 3M's new adhesive wheel weight product for automotive applications.

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This new machine looks to increase speed for OEM high-speed tire balancing by applying level-wound rolls of 3M wheel weights in high-speed environments with precise specifications. Ideal for assembly plants, the machine is designed with only three moving parts and claims to reduce static-residual imbalance by 24 percent and up to 31 percent for couple-residual imbalance.

> Watch a VIDEO demo of the AutoW8t system.

3M's wheel weights contain a flexible polymer composite and can be cut to meet exact weight requirements. The wheel weight material is flexible enough to cut with scissors, but rigorous enough for rough weather, salt spray and salt fog testing. The big advantage is consolidation of the wheel weights. The wheel weight product is designed to replace traditional systems that require large inventories of individual parts, such as 14 to 24 SKUs. 3M's uses just one SKU.

The machine has also been selected for General Motors Level A Enhancements program and will be deployed in four, GM locations in the next two years.


3M Wheel Weight System

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