Cobot Welding Options Expand for Manufacturers

June 12, 2024
Hirebotics develops a smartphone app to control cobot welding and Cobot Systems’ Laser Welding Cell system becomes a UR+ partner.

Just a few years after the launch of cobot welding systems, the availability of these systems for manufacturing applications continues to broaden with news from Hirebotics and Cobot Systems.

Hirebotics, a robots-as-a-service provider, has released its Beacon Cobot Control, a smartphone app that can control an entire cobot welding setup. According to Hirebotics, the Beacon-powered Cobot Welder lets the user control everything from a smartphone or tablet interface to make the welding process easier and faster compared to systems where welders have to go back and forth between the teach pendant and the power source.

Beacon automatically recommends welding parameters using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve weld quality. Users can opt for recommended and previously saved settings or input welding parameters manually.
With Beacon, users can adjust settings such as:

  • switching processes between CV and pulsed MIG
  • wire feed speed
  • arc length
  • crater fill time
  • weave action
  • pre- and post-flow time
  • burnback, retract and hot start settings.

Hirebotics also now supports the new Miller Auto DeltaWeld with its Cobot Welder. The Miller Auto DeltaWeld System is a MIG/Flux-cored, pulsed-capable power source designed for use on sheet metal, structural steel and in heavy industrial manufacturing functions. Hirebotics notes that, with the Miller Auto DeltaWeld capability of remote software updating, future welding features and functions can be more easily integrated with the Cobot Welder. 
In other cobot welding news, Cobot Systems is now a UR+ partner with its Laser Welding Cell system, which is designed as a complete engineered package for automating welding processes typically done by MIG/GMAW or TIG/GTAW. 

UR+ partners are companies that demonstrate seamless compatibility and streamlined workflows with Universal Robots products. The Cobot Systems Laser Welding robot combines the usability of the Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot with the speed of the IPG LightWeld laser. 
The UR+ Laser Welding Cobot System enables users to:

  • increase welding efficiency while decreasing processing time
  • reduce manual touch time and training
  • diversify their welding capabilities to include new materials
  • achieve welding results with minimal distortion, deformation, undercutting and burn-through.

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