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RobotWare 6 affords manufacturers greater flexibility and reliability, with an extensive toolbox for developers and broad communications capabilities.

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The enhancements improve the programming and control of robotic systems and equipment, without sacrificing motion control and safety. The software features easier installation, due to the addition of Installation Manager, which includes a flexible application licensing mechanism for developers, and a new and intuitive user interface that improves robot set-up time and system reconfiguration. Also featured is "Externally Guided Motion" (EGM), which, with the aid of external sensors, provides operators with more precise control over robot motion. The new functionality also allows integrators to further optimize cell design and production flows. The sensors provide the ability to input absolute positions, and to modify the robot's path. Paths can be updated every four milliseconds with a controller lag of between eight to 20 milliseconds, depending on the type of robot. With the upgrade installation time is shorter, jogging is more responsive, and restarts are quicker, all combining to provide improved productivity.

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