Robotics Software for Gantries

Lenze's FAST application software toolbox has a new robotics module.

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This pick & place module for flexible handling systems can replace the usual PLC control used for gantry systems in intralogistics, packing technology, assembly and material handling systems. It makes possible gantry-robot kinematics and coordination of multiple axes, clustering the robotics together to create an easy-to-parameterize drive solution with a robotics core on the inside - as easy to parameterize as a single positioning axis. This provides intrinsically synchronous travel profiles that result in substantially less wear on the mechanical parts of a machine than point-to-point positioning, plus greater efficiency and faster operation with smaller drives and less power overall. The software uses open standards - PLCopen Part 1/2/4 and the IEC 61131 programming environment - that make it possible to integrate additional drive tasks. For example, upstream and downstream conveyor drives are easy to engineer with the same controller and drive controllers from the same i700 family.

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