Customizable Grippers for Collaborative Robots Tasked with Multi-Size Objects

The RG6 from On Robot is a bigger and stronger version of the company’s RG2, with higher payload than other available two-finger collaborative grippers.

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This higher adjustable force (25 to 120 N or 5.6 to 27 lb.) makes possible three times higher payload (6-8 kg or 13.2-17.6 lb.) and wider stroke (160 mm or 6.3 in.), useful for manufacturers automating the movement of delicate or heavy objects in applications such as pick and place, computer numerical control (CNC), machine tending, packaging and palletizing, and assembly. Like the previous model, the gripper is an electric rather than the traditional compressed air solutions, which saves space, energy and complexity. Compatible with all Universal Robots cobot arms, the unit is easy and fast to install, enabling operators to quickly modify assembly on the factory floor without the assistance of an engineer. Features include simple and intuitive programming; customizable fingertips to fit production requirements; dual grippers support without the need for extra wiring; assisted center-of-gravity calculation that lets users enter the weight of the payload and let the robot calculate the rest; automatic Tool Center Point (TCP) calculation on how the robot arm moves around the calculated TCP of an object, depending on the position in which the gripper is mounted; and continuous grip indication that allows the gripper to discern any lost or deliberately removed object.

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