Manual Tool Changer for Robots

Aug. 15, 2018
ATI Industrial Automation’s MC-10 Manual Tool Changer provides a cost-effective solution for quickly changing tools by hand.

The manual tool changer’s compact yet robust design is optimized for collaborative robot applications. The ergonomic twist-collar locking mechanism ensures a secure attachment of the tool and easy manual operation with tactile feedback. The unit can carry payloads of up to 22 lbs and includes multiple fail-safe features that resist vibration and prevent loosening. The tool changer has integrated air pass-through connections and options to connect electrical utilities if needed. Features include Lock and Unlock visual indicators, Tactile “Click” for Lock and Unlock, module flat for adding electrical utilities, four integrated pneumatic pass-through ports and an ergonomic collar design. Interface plates are available for direct mounting to common ISO patterns.

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