Electrically Driven Small Parts Grippers are Easy To Control

March 20, 2019
The GEP2000 from the Zimmer Group offer adjustable gripping forces from 80 to 400 N and jaw strokes from 10 to 16 mm.

The grippers, which have a mechanical self-locking mechanism to prevent the loss of the workpiece in the event of power failure, are equipped with an integrated control and are available in three control versions: with IO-Link, digital I/O, and with digital I/O in combination with an analog output for querying the jaw positions. In the IO-Link version, the gripper offers all the system-specific advantages of IO-Link, which means not only simple handling and operation, but also easy integration. By connecting a single cable, the gripper can receive data from or transmit data to the master controller. In the I/O version, the grippers operate as simply as a conventional pneumatic valve: the gripper opens when it receives a control signal, and the jaws are closed when it receives another one. No movement occurs without a signal. The digital I/O version with analog query includes an analog sensor that outputs 0 to 10 volts, making it possible to determine the position of the gripper jaws within 0.05 mm.

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