Workcells for Robotic Welding

Aug. 8, 2019
Built for demanding production environments, the compact ArcWorld 50 series workcells from Yaskawa Motoman are affordable, wire-to-weld solutions that are pre-assembled on a common base.

Available in single or dual station configurations, these workcells are equipped with all the automation needed for arc welding. Each model features an AR1440 welding robot, compact YRC1000 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software, integrated welding package, operator station, one or two powered roll-up door(s), and a total safety environment. Available model configurations include single station with integrated tooling riser (ArcWorld 50), single station with servo-driven MH185 headstock (ArcWorld 50S), dual station with fixed tooling (ArcWorld 52) and dual station with two MH185 headstocks (ArcWorld 52S). A single large tabletop or two smaller tabletops are available as options. Each workcell features a total safety environment compliant with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 (and other international standards). Powered roll-up doors improve ergonomics and are interlocked with robot operation to safeguard the operator during part load/unload. Safety features include a single point of operator control, dual-channel light curtains and E-stop functionality, safety interlocked gates, integrated speed monitoring, and manual brake release for the robot. The workcells include an intuitive digital welding interface for Miller, Lincoln or Fronius power sources, plus required torch, wire feeder and sensor options.

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