Digital Twin-Designed Robotic Sortation System

At Modex 2020, JR Automation exhibited a robotic flexible sortation system designed to interface with virtually any delivery system—from conveyors and autonomous vehicles to forklifts.

The robotic flexible sortation system (RFSS) incorporates a Fanuc R2000-iC/165F robot, as well as proximity sensors, reed sensors, and photoelectric sensors (more than 25 of which were simulated in the development of the RFSS using digital twin technology from Siemens). The size of items the RFSS can sort is limited only to the payload of the industrial robot used in the system. The RFSS also includes a Siemens S7-1515F programmable logic controller (PLC), and a Siemens TP1200 Comfort human machine interface (HMI). Software used to develop and simulate the RFSS included Siemens TIA Portal v15.1, Siemens Simatic PLCSim Advanced, and Siemens Process Simulate solutions.

Read more about how digital twin technology was used to design this RFSS.

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