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Technology Matters: Robot Employment Agency, MRP-Led Operations, and Data Analytics

Learn about the creation of a robot employment agency, why cloud-based MRP can handle many of the same tasks as ERP, and the critical factors behind effective industrial data analytics.

In this episode, we explore MusashiAI’s development of a robot employment agency, which allows companies to acquire robots for use on a service contract rather than having to buy them outright; how Skin Actives uses cloud-based MRP software to manage activities ranging from customer service to order entry and customer relationship management interactions; and why data accuracy, consistency, completeness, and timeliness are critical factors to any type of industrial data analytics.
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How use of robotic technology is sweeping across all industries
We asked nearly 60 industrial end-users and system integrators about their use of robotic technology. This report details the trends they identified and how to compare different types of robots.
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How use of robotic technology is sweeping across all industries