KUKA Exhibits End-to-End Production Cell

June 8, 2022
At Automate 2022, KUKA showcased how its various products can be used together to create an end-to-end production cell for the fast moving consumer goods segment.

KUKA's demonstration cell featured the company's KR Agilus six-axis robot, KUKA.PickControl vision software, two KR Delta robots, a KUKA SCARA robot, and a KMR iwwa autonomous mobile robot (AMR) mounted with a collaborative robot arm.

The KR Agilus robot picks chips from a bin and feeds them onto a conveyor being monitored by an intelligent camera integrated with KUKA.PickControl, which provides integrated image processing and control for multiple robots simultaneously. This allows the KR Delta robots to locate and pick up randomly arranged chips and pair them into orderly batches of three on a second conveyor. From there, a SCARA robot picks up the batches of three and places them onto a third conveyor that leads them back into the bin.

The demonstration cell also features a KMR iwwa AMR, which picks up totes of chips and move them from one location in the cell to another.

In the video above, Ed Volcic, regional vice president of industrial management at KUKA provides a walkthrough of the system.

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